A Fake Sauce Factory in Berhampur find out

JBN, 24/01/2021, Berhampur : Police find out one fake factory after another in the suburbs of Berhampur. A fake sausage factory was set up. on Saturday night from near Badbazar police station Fastgate Ganapatinagar It was found . In the morning After the illegal gutkha factory , the fake sausage factory at night was the talk of the town. Prashant Bhupathi, a police officer, said the shop and warehouse in Ganapatinagar had been sealed off and a woman was running the business. Tomatoes, chilli and soy sauce of the 220 pet family brand were seized from the factory warehouse. Sauce was made from substandard materials and released to the market. It was used in various hotels and fast food shops in the city of Berhampur. Police are investigating. Town SDPO Bishnu Prasad pati , Badbazar police officer Prashant Bhupathi, was involved in the major attack.

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