Examination Mirror’ to reach matric examiners from today

‘Examination Mirror’ to reach matric examiners from today

Parikhya darpan, odisha educational (book)

JBN, 27/01 /2021, (REPORT, PRADIP KUMAR KANDI), Bhubaneswar,  The “Examination Mirror” book for matriculation candidates will be unveiled today. Mass Education Minister Sameer Ranjan Das will unveil the book ‘Examination Mirror’. The “mirror” will be provided free of charge to 420,000 children who are taking the matriculation examination.
The book ‘Test Mirror’ is based on possible questions and answers. The government has prepared a 400-page test paper called the Mirror to show how students can prepare well for the exam. The matriculation examination will be held on May 3. So this test mirror has given a lot of relief to the students.
The syllabus has been reduced by 30% for matriculation examinations. Students do not read well even by arranging online, TV, and radio. Therefore, as per the order of the Chief Minister, the test mirror will be given to the students. The Department of Education is preparing a possible 400-page book. The 400-page book will help students take exams.

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